Opportunity for All

The Attlee Foundation was established in 1967 with support from across the political spectrum to benefit people disadvantaged by lack of opportunity. The Foundation's objective is to continue Clement Attlee's vision by undertaking innovative projects and research to identify and overcome barriers to equality of opportunity


Clement Attlee's vision for society was one where everybody has the right to live their life to the fullest extent. Established in 1967, the Attlee Foundation brings together world-class thought leaders to address some of the most challenging social, employment and health issues facing our society today with the aim of making Attlee's vision a reality.

As a young man, Attlee abandoned his career as a barrister to become a social worker in the East End of London - then one of the most deprived areas of the country. What he witnessed there took him away from his conventional middle-class upbringing and set him on the road to becoming one of the greatest social reformers our country has seen.

Through his work initially in local government and then as Member of Parliament and Prime Minister, Attlee sought to attack the root of social problems and so change the outcomes in people's lives. He believed that better access to opportunities for young people and others in disadvantaged communities would enable them to achieve their full potential. This is the vision to which the Attlee Foundation is committed.

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The Attlee Foundation has a long history of supporting and delivering innovative social projects throughout the UK and beyond. We aim to deliver academic analysis and offer expert advice on particular issues, contributing to the narrative of social integration. Access to opportunities is at the core of the Foundation's activities and is reflected in its past local and international work, social policy research on issues affecting disadvantaged communities and direct project work with young people.

As a consequence of its pioneering activity, The Foundation is in a strong position to deliver projects and research either through the Attlee Centre or through its existing partnerships with other agencies and voluntary and academic organisations in East London and nationally.

The Foundation's projects have included:

The Attlee Centre

The development of the Attlee Centre in Tower Hamlets, a multi-purpose complex with sports, adventure play and learning facilities designed to meet the needs of children, young people and the wider local community as a whole. As was originally envisaged, the Attlee Centre has now evolved into a separate community-based organization, sharing a common commitment to Clement Attlee's philosophy and ethos.


Providing housing for young people in London's East End, on a similar basis as the foyer projects, and a halfway house for those leaving the housing programme.

Centre for drug users

A day care and residential centre for drug users at a time when there was no government-funded support for such programmes.

Eye camps

Providing eye camps in India and funding for an Indian doctor to study at Moorfields Eye Hospital London, in association with the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind.


Alun Evans, Chair

Trustee since 2015

John Stephenson

Trustee since 2019

Martin Young

Trustee since 2011

Jo Roundell-Greene

Trustee since 2017


An annual Attlee Memorial Lecture has been organised by the Attlee Foundation since 1983. They provide a platform for distinguished speakers to commemorate Clement Attlee's work and vision for social and political cohesion.

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