An annual Attlee Memorial Lecture has been organised by the Attlee Foundation since 1983. They provide a platform for distinguished speakers to commemorate Clement Attlee’s work and vision for social and political cohesion.

1983 Lord Jay Clem Attlee
1984 Kenneth Harris Attlee: Character and Politics
1985 Lady Felicity Harwood Clem, Father and Politician
1986 Lord Shefield Clement Attlee and Foreign Policy
1987 Sir David Hunt Clement Attlee: A Private Secretary’s View
1988 Earl of Listowel With Atlee for Indian Independence
1989 Earl of Longford Clement Attlee: Prince of Prime Ministers
1990 Lord Roll of Ipsden Britain in Europe and the World
1991 Lord Mayhew Attlee
1992 Lord Jenkins of Hillhead Long Serving Prime Ministers of this Century
1993 Sir John Ellis The National Health Service – Past, Present & Future
1994 The Lord Mishcon Aspects of Law Reform
1995 Professor Peter Hennessy The Statecraft of Clement Attlee
1996 Frank Field The High Politics of Welfare
1997 Sir Shridath Ramphal A Vision More Compelling Now
1998 Rt. Hon. Tony Benn MP Attlee and British Socialism
1999 Lord Butler Cabinet Government
2000 H.E, Mr Philip Lader Defining National Security for the 21st Century
2001 The Rt. Hon. Neil Kinnock Let Us Face the Future
2002 The Rt. Hon. Baroness Boothroyd Parliament for the 21st Century; Reform of the Commons and the Lords
2003 The Rt. Hon. Paul Boateng MP Civic Society: a new partnership between Government and the Voluntary Sector
2004 The Rt. Hon. Baroness Greenfield Tomorrow’s People
2005 Trevor Phillips OBE Diversity and Equality: Do We Need to Split the Difference
2006 Lord Steyn Democracy, The Rule of Law and the Role of Judges
2007 H.E, Mr Kamalesh Sharma India and the UK in a Globalising World
2008 Professor Peter Hennessy Clement Attlee and the Post War Consensus
2009 The Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP From Social Breakdown to Social Breakthrough
2010 Frank Field MP The Future for Social Policy: Are there Lessons from the Past
2011 Lord Ramsbotham Youth Justice: The need for visionary change
2012 Sir Stuart Etherington Philanthropy, Fairness & Democracy
2013 Dave Simmonds OBE Worklessness in Britain Today: Challenges and New Directions
2014 Duncan Selbie and Professor Ajit Lalvani Unleashing Healthy Communities, tackling public health challenges through holistic community-based approaches

2023 Strand Group Director Professor Jon Davis. The annual Attlee Foundation lecture The East End: Then & Now